Helpful Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts with Keyboard Maestro

March 21, 2021

I started using these when the pandemic hit and I started working from home. It’s really made using Zoom much easier.

  • Hyper 1 = Mute/Unmute
  • Hyper 2 = Show/hide camera
  • Hyper 0 = Push to talk

Yes, Zoom does have shortcuts, and you can enable them to be global shortcuts, but you can’t customize what keys you press. So I did that customization with Keyboard Maestro.

For example, the KM macro from Mute/Unmute is triggered by Hyper 2 (Hyper is ⌃⌥⇧⌘, but I use Karabiner Elements to set the right command key to be all of those keys). And all it does is send ⇧⌘A to Zoom. I didn’t want to have to remember ⇧⌘A is mute/unmute and ⇧⌘V is show/hide camera. I wanted to be able to set my own keyboard shortcut with the Hyper key.

You can download them here: Zoom Keyboard Maestro macros

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Written by Adam Garrett-Harris, a podcaster and software engineer in Utah. You should follow him on Twitter